My Story

Scott G Maxfield

I grew up in a broken home.

I ended up doing the same to my family.

My Son was now growing up in a home where his parents were not showing love and communicating with each other which was causing grief and misery to the family.

She was asking me to understand her feelings, which I didn’t.

I just thought, I’m here aren’t I so stop complaining?

Then boom.

She asked me to leave. I had to find  somewhere to live, and I had to explain to my son what was going on.It made me feel crushed and destroyed.
Having to explain to him that he would live with his mother and I would be living somewhere else.
His little face said it all.
I blamed myself for how he looked, not knowing how he really felt, but just seeing his face told me everything.
I had failed to make it work.

It did not pay to hide my feelings, I did not anticipate that during separation I would be an emotional train
wreck and be incomplete denial about it.
Protecting my ego became my number one goal, I lied to everyone about how happy I was. If I knew how to be honest with myself back then, things may be different. The toughest part for me was that feeling, that I was no longer there to protect my son, every night, not being able to ensure their safety was pure anguish for me.

In the search for the truth, and why, it all went wrong I sought help from a coach. I was unclear about the direction my life was going and felt something was missing.
I started down a path of inner growth, and self-awareness, and have never looked back. I started to understand myself and others. I learned that my peace of mind and happiness did not depend on other but me.
Working with a coach helped me, to be open about my feelings and beliefs, from feeling stuck in where I was and where I want to be.
This wasn’t about being the best or perfect, it was about exploring what is possible and being really honest about what I want.
I have learned how to start to acknowledge my feelings, own my side, change after being coached, and how it helped me to learn how to gain the clarity and confidence for peaceful family life which I see in my sons face now.

Looking back a lot has changed.
I was intrigued by how this helped me. I moved into coaching and became an Accredited coach, myself through the coaching masters.
Now I realised it’s my time to pass on what I gained and learned.
If you want to come out from that place of feeling stuck and gain the clarity, confidence to move forward.
Book a discovery call to see if I can help you.

© 2020 by Scott G Maxfield

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